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Whether you are in urgent need of Plumbers in Tallaght, Window Repairs in Tallaght, or Roof Repairs in Tallaght, you can rest assured that we have the ability to dispatch tradesmen to your property as soon as you need them. Personnel who work for are available 24/7 making us the most reliable loss adjustor and property repair specialists in Ireland.

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Roof Repairs TallaghtEmergency Roofing Repair Specialists

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Window Repairs TallaghtPVC Glass and Door Repairs

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Emergency Repairs and Insurance Claims All In One Go

At, we know how difficult and emotionally draining it is for your property to be damaged which is why we have devised a way to make the entire situation less harrowing for you. With over ten years of perseverance and experience in the field, Insurance Works has been acclaimed as the best Loss Assessor and Property Repair Specialist in the entire of Ireland. We take pride in the fact that we have been providing efficient and simple solutions for home and property owners that are looking to have damaged properties repaired all the while expediting the insurance claim process.

We know how homeowners feel as Insurance Works deals primarily with homeowners. We know exactly just how complicated and tedious the entire process of filing insurance claims is especially for individuals who aren't that familiar with the procedure and so we are relieving the former from this burden. At the same time, Insurance Works aims to provide a link between the insurance claims and licensed tradesmen of various specialties that are capable of providing comprehensive as well as emergency repairs. When it comes to insurance claims, we work alongside homeowners and look after the general welfare so that compensation for insurance claims are able to sufficiently cover repairs and damages for insured properties.

Leak Roof TallaghtFor the years that we have been in service, thousands of home and property owners in Ireland have relied on Insurance Works for professionals that can help repair damage done on their property. The experience that our tradesmen have acquired through years of service has ensured that the quality of each job is kept consistently high. While we help resolve any damage done on your property, we can also process insurance claims in behalf of owners so that you need not worry about spreading yourself thinly by finding someone to repair your property while trying to coordinate with your insurance company.

One situation which our plumbers in Dublin are always ready for is the repair of leaking water pipes which often happen in bathrooms. On the other hand, accidents, calamities and malicious activities can also lead to broken window glass, but temporary boarding services as well as comprehensive glazing services done by our team of glaziers are some of the best window repairs Dublin locals can expect.

Roof repairs in Dublin via Insurance Works can also happen at any time of the day and even after office hours since we know that a natural disaster can strike at any minute but your comfort and security need not be compromised at all. While you are still reeling from the damage that your property has sustained, we can take one more burden off your minds for you by coordinating with the insurance company in your behalf.

While most of the time, we deal with individuals who want their property repaired quite some time after the damage has been done, we can also do emergency repairs. Since we have an entire team of tradesmen with various specialties, we are very much confident that we can provide temporary and permanent restorations and repairs so that you can enjoy all the amenities your home brings in just a short amount of wait time. Once we are done with help your property get restored and repaired from the damage that it has endured, we will coordinate with your insurance company for you. Since we at Insurance Works have been working with so many insurance companies for these so many years running, we have become accustomed to the procedure. We have worked with all insurance carriers in Ireland and we know the procedure necessary for each carrier like the back of our hand.

We aim to be your first and only choice when it comes to loss assessments in the city of Dublin as well as neighboring towns. We at Insurance Works want to make sure that the compensation you receive from your insurance company is released to you without you having to wait for so long and set at a right amount enough for repairs on your house and damage to your property to be covered.

24/7 Reliable Emergency Plumbers in Tallaght

bathroom plumbing tallaghtIt is only natural for each homeowner to look at his or her house as a bastion of security. So when a problem like plumbing misfortunes strike all of a sudden, the situation can put any homeowner offguard. specialises in emergency plumbing repairs in Tallaght and the rest of Dublin. With their round-the-clock service, you can be completely at ease knowing that one of their licensed and trained plumbers will be around to address any of your plumbing concerns no matter what time of the day, or night, these mishaps might strike. With their efficient and speedy response to any plumbing crisis, any further damage can be mitigated.

Emergency Bathroom Plumbing Needs

When it comes to any house or commercial structure, the bathroom is the most vulnerable region, and repairs are often called for in this area. The reason for why the bathroom is the Achilles' heel of most homes and business establishments is because of the fact that it is serviced by six feeds of water and five waste pipes that carry away from the bathroom.

Tallaght Plumbers, Plumbling Emergencies and Insurance

leak detection repair tallaghtThe only thing that is certain in this world is the uncertainty of everything. So while you may not be able to prevent emergencies and disasters from affecting you, your family and your property, you can definitely arm yourself against that eventuality. can be relied upon when the inevitable happens. No matter what the emergency, the expert team of professional Tallaght Plumbers are poised and ready to respond to your call.

Is the problem domestic or commercial? Insurance Works prides itself on servicing both the residential and business sector. Whether you are a distraught homeowner with a leak problem or a wary businessman, will make sure that you do not need to face any emergency plumbing situation all alone.

Emergency Window and Door Glass Repairs

window repairThe security of your home or building is instantly and effectively compromised when any one of your windows are broken. Regardless of the size of the window that is broken, homeowners and property owners still experience the same level of inconvenience. understands all of those concerns. For that reason, the trained professionals at treat all of your window and door repairs with the same level of urgency and degree of importance. Any window replacement job in Dublin is just a call away with

Emergency Window Boarding

Burglaries and vandals can leave your windows shattered and your property vulnerable.

Glass Replacement, Glazing and Temporary Boarding Service

There may be no telling what kind of forces of nature that could come knocking on your door but it's not just mother nature that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. Malicious damage done by burglars and vandals can leave you with cracked glass windows and doors. can help you during that very taxing period. With their 24/7 glass replacement and boarding service, your property can be secured. At the same time, can provide assistance should you want to file an insurance claim.

Tallaght Roofers for Emergency Repairs and New Builds is your one-stop shop for all of your housing needs including new builds and repairs. Just one call to Insurance Works will enable you to get immediate assistance from their experienced and professional roofers. Roofers at can do roofing installation and repair not just for clients in the domestic but also those in the commercial sectors. can provide roofing services for the following events and contingencies:

  • New buildings
  • Renovation
  • Roof repairs
  • Building extensions

Tallaght emergency repairs for roof problems and assessments

roof maintenance tallaghtMajority, if not all, of property owners and landlords know of the hassles that roof leaks bring. Roof leaks develop slowly over time and they make themselves known during the most inopportune of moments, adding to that the complex nature of how the problem is to be solved. Without the proper help, it's very easy for the extent of the damage to spread. No need to fret though; Insurance Works can send an emergency repair team to Tallaght and every other part of Dublin.

Roof Problems and Repairs

Majority of the time that roof leaks and other problems develop is when slates or tiles are dislodged. One common reason for why this problem sprouts is because of the action of strong winds as well as natural wear and tear. Improper installation of roof tiles could easily loosen up and fall off a consequence. Fastenings which have been damaged can also contribute to the dislodging of roof tiles.